Repressed Light and Unforgiving Dark

  Problems are amusing, like a spotlight on a noose knot in the middle of a stage, audience empty.   Acoustics amplify swayed silence - a bad punchline to a bad joke.   Expect me to hide, cleanse impurity, fill the impenetrable darkness with light; the darkness - a voluminous pitch which steals your light, … Continue reading Repressed Light and Unforgiving Dark


Holding My Hands Out (And Receiving Nothing)

As I stand, scatter brained by people who make me sadder,   tantrums, tantamount to a kick from Patton's boot, engender though   me, an accordion of connecting thoughts, sweltering: According   to the Census, the oranges originated from islands like Kansas   and Synecdoche, where the osprey's offspring were bad at crochet -   … Continue reading Holding My Hands Out (And Receiving Nothing)