And I, Too, Enjoy Island Volcanoes


abstract volcano.jpg
Source: Fine Art AmericaLink

Hope was dormant:

forced laughter erupted

from volcanic lungs,

the larynx undoubtedly

perplexed by the infantry of

air assaulting the

moribund vocal chords.


Ashen gray breaths

tightly dissipate, once

held by a brotherly strength

formerly unbeknownst,

leaves the lungs,

out the chest,

sooner than condensed.


In that charcoal mist,

nothing is discerned,

very little missed, but

everything to learn:

inside volcanic lungs, they

harbor tainted breaths –

sincerity’s cheville –

which surround the area

with dense smoke, a fog

that stays long, long

after it’s left.


Tell me what you think! :)

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