You Don’t Change

A huge part of growing up

is suppressing that that primal urge

to tear shit up

(this is also known as “having fun”).


You know–

that feeling you got

when you were about five or six;

when you couldn’t yet

tie your shoes,

but you knew how to rip the head 

off of an action figure

like Albert Einstein knew the Theory of Relativity.

But maybe that was just me.


You get older,

but still inside you is that urge

to do something crazy;

something stupid.

The weight of adulthood

has suffocated its last breaths

and all you hear is the faint

gasps of a child’s laugh—

Your laugh.


You never change;

the number of candles on your cake do—

but not you.

You’re still that little kid inside.

That only difference is that you have

more to worry about

and less to love.


Tell me what you think! :)

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