Glass Houses & Labels

I’d like to say I’m perfect,

but I, too, have my faults.

I try to please everyone,

but, in the end,

I only end up

disappointing myself.

If only I were to

uncover my shroud

of neutrality and


perhaps I wouldn’t

be as miserable as I am.


Overemotional and inept at logic,

to them, my words are

poison in their veins,

a deforestationĀ of their

land of make-believe

and false security–

IĀ cast stones

at their glass houses,

tear at their foundations

built on meaningless labels

meant to silence and

villainize dissenters.


I can’t play for both teams

when one team plays dirty.

I won’t pander.

I will no longer remain disingenuous–

because facts don’t care about your feelings.


Tell me what you think! :)

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