In Memory of Philando Castille

I am a victim

of a misuse of power,

a rash decision,

an ignorant mistake.


We don’t trust you

and it’s your fault.

Most of you are bad

and not all of us are good,

but your mistakes linger

in our minds like

a bad aftertaste

or a bad thought.


You are underappreciated,

but we still must hold you

accountable, for when

one person holds the power

to take another’s life,

scrutiny is inevitable.


I understand why you

think what you think.

I am not a thug, but

bias corrupts you.

You should not fear me.

My wife and child were there.

I told you I had a gun

but that did not stop you.


Am I not innocent enough for you?


People will shout “Black Lives Matter”

but we both know this would happen


I was whiter


you were darker.


Power corrupts.

Abusing power

has no color.


All of this

for a tail light?


Tell me what you think! :)

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