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Hi, my name is Hayden, and this is my writing portfolio. In this portfolio, you will find links to my published work as well as the contents of the blog itself, which contains haikus, free verse and short stories — just click on the menu above.

I am currently a student, and this blog will serve as a host for my creative writing as I progress in my academic and professional career.

For quick reference

this is blitz!

My article Bad Punk and an early draft of my short story Thanksgiving Eve are featured on this is blitz!(The final draft of Thanksgiving Eve can be found here on my blog.)

it is blitz - Bad Punk article image

Points in Case

My comedy articles, which include classics like Why Won’t My Grandpa Shut Up About Vietnam and Do Something About Global Warming? and I Asked Quentin Tarantino to Write a Fairy Tale and This is What He Sent Me Back are featured on the comedy website Points in Case.

Hayden Church author page Points in Case comedy

9 Lives

My poem “And So, Too, Do I Go” is featured in the second issue of the zine 9 Lives

9 Lives zine issue 2 cover image - Hayden Church

Social Media

You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook.